Many Thanks

Wow, it's been four months since my last post.  As I reflect on Thanksgiving I can't help but be most grateful for what the Lord has given me.  First of all His wonderful gift of salvation and just the grace He generously pours out everyday.  My husband who works all day and is ready to help me clean up after dinner and does whatever is needed to make things easier for me with household and children duties.  I work outside the home so I am especially grateful for his help.  I think back to when Matt got his new job a year ago when we had baby Z.  That was such a MAJOR blessing as we added a new member to our family we sure needed the extra money.  I know for sure that God would have provided everything we would need if Matt stayed at his old company since God did give us baby Z in this season of our lives, but still very grateful for Matt's new job!

I definitely cannot forget my kids!  Having infertility issues with both, they are our miracles.  Yes, I would have liked my kids to be closer in age, but that's not how God saw it and even though I know His ways are better and his timing is good it's hard to live out those truths sometimes.  So my kids are an everyday reminder of God's faithfulness, His restoration and His LOVE.

God is so good, He's so good to me.

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