Summer Fun 1

The weather today didn't seem like summer, but we had fun anyway. Luke spent some time digging this deep hole.

Basketball Camp 2009

Luke had a great week at Basketball Camp. They had different stations set up where they were taught to dribble, pass, lay-ups and shooting. At the end of the week each camper received a certificate with grades on their performances all week and looked received O's ( outstanding) on each station. In two weeks we have Football Camp. This week..Beach Day everyday!!!


Matt and I bought this Perfect Pullup contraption that hooks to the door frame and it really gives us a great workout. It focuses on the abdominal region, upper and lower, and helps tone our arms and legs. Well, not that you guys care about us and our work out, but Luke has fun with this thing and uses it everyday. Here are a couple pics of him exercising so he can be strong for basketball camp and for the army.

My New Toy

After months of saving and monetary gifts from my hubby and mom I finally bought my first SLR.
At first I was considering a Nikon D60, but a co-worker of Matt's told me that I need to buy a Canon. Well this co-worker let me use his Canon Rebel XTi for a weekend and I really liked it.
Long story short, he sold the camera plus two lenses to me for a really good price. He only had the camera for a year and it is in mint condition. Today Matt came home with the camera and he also went out to buy me a backpack camera bag and a tripod.

Click on thumbnail for a larger view.


My mother-in-law and niece from Kentucky came here to SoCal for a visit and here are a few shots from my niece's first visit to Disneyland.

More End of the Year

On the last day of school each student is given a Bible Character Award and today Luke was given the award that exemplifies the character of Peter for his boldness in sharing Christ..

Pictured with Luke is his teacher Mrs. Mayr, she's such a great teacher and Luke loved going to school everyday and has grown so much this year.

Growing too fast

Today was the last day of school and my baby is going into 2nd grade...WOW! where has the time gone?

Thursday night was our school's End of the Year Program and it was titled "The Secret of my Success" Building our lives on the Rock and all the kids had to look like business men and dress in oversized dress shirts and ties. It turned out really cute. Here a few pictures of Luke and his class performing More Precious than Silver in which they signed the song.

Me and A.C

Yes, A.C, Green from the 80's Laker Dynasty. He was just a few blocks away from our place signing autographs at Allen Tire. Here are a few shots of the day.