12 fun years!!!

Matt and I celebrated our 12th anniversary on July 26th and it just doesn't seem like 12 years have gone by.

Of course there are ups and downs in any relationship, but with Christ as the center we have always worked through difficult times; from disagreements to job loss. The Lord has definitely blessed our marriage and our family and I never want to take those things or moments for granted.

Here are a several pics of our anniversary evening in Seal Beach. We had dinner and walked and talked. In a few weeks we're going to San Diego for several days, just the two of us, for a late anniversary trip.

I survived!

What a week! VBS went very well and I was so blessed to have wonderful people helping.
Roxanne and Gaby put together treats for all the leaders with sweet notes attached just blessing us with their thoughtfulness.
Katelynn for designing our set.
Karissa and Arin for leading the kids on our finale.
Marcee and Naomi for leading the kids to worship.

I was really nervous taking this on, but the Lord brought great friends to help me along the way.

Thank you everyone for all your help and for giving up your time to minister to the 110 kids that came into our gym everyday.

Day 3 VBS Highlights

Katia proving she can take down a boy!

Luke was part of the Firefly Finale.

How does he know this stuff

Luke randomly told me that he's so glad he was born a boy because it would really hurt to have a baby.

Getting ready for VBS

I'm excited to co-direct our VBS this year with my friend Katelynn. This year's theme is Crocodile Dock: Where fearless kids shine God's light.
Katelynn has this God given gift of design and she did this whole set... I helped paint!

I'm excited about what this week will bring and the kids that will be a part of it
I'm so thankful for all the hands that helped put our set together and for all the station leaders, crew leaders, assistants and snack shack helpers.

Football Camp 2009

July 4, 2009

We had such a great day today! First we went to a Sunday School class party at church that included a blow-up water slide, next a small pool party, then a BBQ at the Rodgers (best ribs ever).
After dinner everybody met at our place to ride our bikes to the beach for HB's annual fireworks show.

This year happened to be HB's 100th year anniversary and this was by far the best fireworks display yet. Music also played during the show which included songs about celebration, surf music, and patriotic. We all then rode back to our place for dessert.

We are truly blessed to live in such a great country.

Wipeout: Lego Edition

Getting ready for the catapult.
Here is the thing that spins around that the contestants have to jump over.

Starting lights.

Wipeout course.

So we like watching Wipeout and Luke decided to make his own Wipeout course on the kitchen table.