Hopeful and Expectant

As we enter 2016 I sit here very expectant that God has something amazing up His sleeve for us. I believe the Lord brought us to the Four Corners as an answer to my very prayers from 2014.  For Matt to have the job that moved us out here for only 13 months is still confusing to us.  The drive was an hour each way and place where he worked stated to weigh heavy on him.  He never shared these things with me, even the Lord telling him that he wasn't going to retire there.  Matt really didn't know a way out, he wasn't going to quit and I believe the Lord removed him from that place and had something even better for him.  I am expectant that the Lord has a job that is closer, may not be the same pay, but a fulfilling job.  Going back to SoCal would be too easy, and won't be that much of a miracle to find a job there, since it's bigger and more jobs available.  Here jobs are scarce and the pay low.  Matt finding a job here with decent pay will definitely be a miracle and I believe God still works to show off in our lives.  Matt's old job was the job to move us here, have Matt without a job for a period of time to trust Him more and allow us to see His work in our lives and have a front row seat to watch how the Lord orchestrates His divine plan for us. 
Lord, help us not to miss what you have for us. Help us to wait in expectation and allow you to live and move and have your being in our lives.