6 months

Wow, 6 months already. I thought it would take forever to reach this point in my pregnancy. I absolutely love being pregnant and feeling her move more and more. It is such an amazing feeling, even though it sometimes keeps me up at night. God is blessing us beyond what we every imagined and we continue to look forward to see where He takes us. Luke is getting more excited about having a sister and I'm getting used to having a little pink and purple around. Not my favorite colors, but I know I can't avoid them. HAHA!

My last day of work will be here before I know, so at this time I have a lot of work to do to plan the last seven weeks of lesson plans. I still have my yearbook coming in after the birth, so I will find myself back on campus to do the last of my Yearbook requirements. I will miss all my
"other kids" here on campus, but excited for the time off.

Christmas 2011

Christmas this year was not as eventful as lasts, we were going to have a repeat of it by returning to our favorite national parks since my pass was still valid. Since I'm pregnant and needing to go to the restroom every half hour we thought hiking through these park would not be the best :(
So we had a nice, quiet, just the three of us Christmas. It was also the 15th anniversary of when Matt proposed to me...wow 15 years already! As I reflect back on 2011 God has truly blessed our family! Never did I think I would ever get pregnant again and that miracle there continues to prove that God is listening and will answer in His time. We have grown closer as a family and have a deeper understanding of who God's love for us and who He really is in our lives. I definitely want to know Him more this 2012.
There are so many things to look forward to this new year. Baby Z will be with us in April and Matt and I hope to purchase our first home.
Thank you Lord for the the trials and the blessings in our life.