It's been a while

Day 3:  With my last post on January 1, 2014 I prayed specifically for a few things.  October of that year the Lord answered my prayer about leaving CA.  We moved to CO on December 22, 2014 and I became a stay at home mom.  During this past year we made this house into our home, pretty much rebuilding it.  That means spending a lot of money.  On December 10, 2015 Matt lost his job. The same job that moved us out here.  We are still in shock and disbelief.  Why would God move us all the way out here to have Matt work this job for a year and for me to only stay home for a year.  Of course doubts about moving in the first place set in.  When we first contemplated this move it was so clear to us to move.  This was the path very clearly lit.  The circumstances involved for this move to happen was obvious why they happened.  Still, why did Matt lose his job? I just don't get it!!!  We live in such a small town that it seems impossible for Matt you find work that pays close to what he was making.  It's scary.  It would be very easy for us just to go back to CA, easy to find jobs.  If we took the easy route we would miss God working and miss how He's going to work all this out.  We would miss out on a miracle.  We're ready Lord, we  want to see your hand working. Wherever you lead us we'll go.

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