January 1, 2014

This is the year where things have to change.  The years 2011,2012 were very significant as far as seeing God working.  I'm not saying that He stopped but those years seeing God working was so evident and in big ways, i.e found out that I'm pregnant, Matt got a GREAT, new job and the birth of lil Z.  Last year, 2013, seemed kind of quiet, stagnant in a sense.  I became to busy and just sporadically spent time with the Lord and didn't really dig deep with Him last year.

I am going to spend more time with the Lord and become closer to him and know and desire Him more.  I have specific requests this year and as a friend puts it "pound Heaven's door" till I hear confirmation on those requests. 

If the Lord wants us to stay in CA I'm praying for a promotion for Matt with a significant raise.
If that doesn't happen, I'm asking the Lord to take us out of CA.  Saving enough for a down payment to buy a home in So Cal seems almost impossible.

We would love to add to our family, but that would be difficult to do with me still working and again our small place.  Would love lil Z to grow up with a sibling closer to her age.

I know God is working in my life and in my family's and He has done and will continue to do amazing things.

Christmas 2013

Another quiet Christmas in SoCal.  It was just the four of us again and even though we have gorgeous weather I would trade that for Christmas is KY with Matt's family.  When we wake up we open stockings, make breakfast, read about the birth of Christ and then open gifts.  We are beyond blessed and so thankful God provided. For the past four to five years we have been able to buy gifts for our family and friends with cash, we're done with credit cards and it feels so good to not have any debt entering the new year.
As L gets older his gifts become a little more expensive, but with lil Z it's a little easier.  She is obsessed with Minnie Mouse, so there was a Minnie tornado that swept our living room this Christmas.  Overall, we had a great time being together and even rode our bikes to the beach that afternoon.

Disneyland 2013

It's always a fun day when we get to spend it with our great friends.  A works for Disney and he is always so generous and signs our family and his in with the extra tix he gets during Christmas.  This is our third year in a row we have done this and it's always a wonderful day.