Christmas 2012

This was Z's first Christmas and it was spent with just our little family of four.  I love being in KY with my in laws and due to the high cost of airfare it's not always possible. We woke up around 8 ( I love how my 8 month old sleeps through the night) I fed the baby,  put the roast together then we got Luke and opened our stocking, made breakfast, read the Christmas story and finally opened presents. 

8 Months

First trip to Disneyland

First Christmas

Eight months!  Time goes by so fast.  Z started to clap and kind of bop up and down to cute!  She's definitely a mama's girl, at times only wants me to hold and she sure loves hanging out with her big brother.  LJ is such a HUGE help and takes care of her without me asking him too.  We're about to have our first Christmas with lil Z and even though we're far away from family it will be special none the less. 

7 months

First Thanksgiving
First bike ride

First Halloween
Z has grown so much this month.  Saying Mama and Dada and even bye, bye.  She even started waving.  Z hasn't started to crawl yet, but has mastered siting up on her own.  She talks so much even though she seems delayed in her physical milestones.  She definitely is a people person and will smile and anyone who will look at her.  She eats so well and so much too and continues to sleep 11-12 hours a night!!!