3 months

We had a busy month with bike rides, parks and pool time and Uncle Mark and Aunt Shelly and all the cousins coming out here to HB to visit us.  Matt even put Z under water for the first time and she didn't even cry.  She even fell asleep being held in the water.  Z has started to laugh out loud now and smiles at everyone.  LJ will be starting 5th grade at the end of the month and that means I have to go back to work, but the blessing is that I get to keep Z with me all day.

2 months

Z is growing so fast and is already cooing, babbling and started to giggle a little.  She sure loves her big brother and he is so good with her.  We have been to the beach and celebrated her first 4th of July.

Z is sleeping very well at night and will sleep 7-8 hours straight before her next feeding.  She takes 3 two hour naps during the day and enjoys being outside.  What a great addition she has been to our family and we still look at her with such awe, so thankful to the Father who blessed us with this little miracle.