Shoreline Graduation 2009

My favorite girl graduated from 8th grade. I taught this cutie in kindergarten as well and it's been a blessing watching her grow.

Upward Soccer 2009

Luke scored his first goal this past Saturday and walking around after wards with his fist up in the air...he was a "little" excited.

New old bike

My bike before was purple with Hawaiian print flowers and Luke's tag a long was blue.

Now it's metallic green with pin stripe decals and Luke's tag a long is black. Thanks babe for doing such a great job.

Birthday 2009

I had a great birthday that started off with a day at the beach with some awesome middle schoolers and the weather was perfect. Then to Seal Beach for dinner with my most precious boys.

Mom's Day 2009

Had such a great day. Beautiful flowers from my boys, rode our bikes to the beach and had lunch at Luigi's on Main Street.

My Top 8 Things

Ok...I was tagged by Kelly. So here I go...

8 Things I Look Forward To

1. Date night.
2. Picking Luke up after school.
3. Matt coming home from work.
4. 2:45 M-F.
5. Summer.
6. Couch time.
7. Saturday Bible studies.
8. Vacations.

8 Things I Did Yesterday
1. Devotions with Luke.
2. Knott's with my yearbook staff.
3. Got my awesome yearbooks!!!!
4. Got Luke.
5. Crashed on the couch.
6. Worked on graduation DVD's.
7. Dinner.
8. Snuggled with Matt.

8 Things I Wish I Could Do
1. Fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.
2. Get pregnant.
3. Be more confident in my abilities.
4. Think more logically.
5. Breathe through my nose.
6. Parallel park.
7. Make chili rellenos like my mom.
8. Be a stay at home mom.

8 Shows I Watch
1. Lost
2. CSI
3. Office
4. Top Gear
5. Fox News
6. Reruns of the Cosby Show
7. House
8. Amazing Race