Family Photo Sesh 2012

The Boy is 11

He loves to climb.  We celebrated his 11th birthday at Rockreation with a few of closest friends.  He had such a fun time and was so appreciative.  I love his sweet and tender spirit and is such a wonderful big brother.  He did tell me that he's still waiting for a brother...HAHA! 

My Boy of Fall

LJ loves flag football and plays the position of running back and corner.

6 Months

Wow! 6 months already.  Z sleeps so well at night and I am really blessed.  She has such a sweet disposition and is really starting to take in her surroundings.  She pays attention to details and wants to crawl so badly.  Z is quite attached to me and at times doesn't want me to put her down at all, which usually isn't an issue but it is usually around the time I need to make dinner.Z is also babbling so much, adding different consonant blends to her cooing...she's a girl :)

Her first Halloween

LJ is loving playing football for the school and seems to be enjoying 5th grade. So far he's doing well in his studies and is such a HUGE help to me with the baby.

5 Months

Z is moving around so much without crawling.  She raises her upper body up all the way and has been sleeping from 7 p.m to 6 a.m for the past six weeks and takes 2 two hour naps throughout the day.

Watching her big bro play football

Z loves being around people and smiles at anyone who looks at her.  She laughs so much and her brother does such a great job at making Z laugh. 

4 Months

Z and A.  Already best friends.
Z is getting stronger is adjusting well to staying with my friend.  I'm adjusting going back to work and handling a boy in sports and an infant.  Z is growing way to fast and we are all loving having this little girl in our lives.