OC Fair

Spent a nice evening at the OC fair.  L spent the first five minutes with us and then spent the rest of the night with his friends and Matt and I and Lil Z roamed the fair, ate some yummy food and tried a bacon root beer...YUCK!!!


Lil Z and her cousin

Green River Lake

Bowling with Matt and his lil bro and his wife.

L and his good friend from KY.

Well, we started out the month of June with Matt having a bike accident and breaking his left hand (he's left handed) which meant surgery to have two pins inserted.  Not something you want to happen two weeks before our vacation to his parents in Kentucky by the lake.  We arrived there safely and stayed in his parent's RV for a week long stay.  The first three days were all spent at the lake with Matt's parents, his brother and his wife and their four kids. 

Mother's Day

She loves her iBert so much she falls asleep :)

Mother's Day was a blast!  We had lunch at Big Belly Deli and then rode our bikes to Newport.  It was an absolute gorgeous day.

Visalia and Grandma Lu

My grandma Lu had her 90th birthday and we went up to surprise her at her party.  It was quite the surprise too that she cried.  We had a fun weekend with my grandma and just to get away for a little.  On our way up there we stopped by and spend the night at the Noia's, it's always so good to see them and their beautiful home.

12 months

One thing others say about Lil Z is how happy she always is.  That is one thing I am very blessed with, how happy my kids are.  Lil Z loves to eat lasagna, quinoa and black beans, mango, bananas and kiwi.  She also love to hug her doll and rock her back and forth while humming.  Lilz Z is quite the mimic which keeps me in check to make sure I am being Christlike.

Happy Birthday Lil Z

I have been "planning" this first birthday party when I found out I was having a girl.HAHA!  Oh well...I know Lil Z won't remember any of this, but I do have a lot of photos to show for it. 
Our friend Christal made you a special cake and all our favorite friends were there to celebrate the miracle you are Lil Z.

11 months

Lil Z had her first Easter and we had a little fun photoshoot with her brother.