Courage does not roar
Sometimes courage is the quiet voice
At the end of the day saying,
“I will try again tomorrow”.

Mary Anne Radmacher

I love my little boy

No matter his spastic ways and the trouble he gets into, I'm so thankful for who he is and all the fun and laughter he brings to our lives. God truly blessed us with this precious gift.

Go Green Dragons!


Luke still???  Yup, he was completely still for a full 5 minutes while he had a CT scan of his sinus cavities.  

It's healing.


A couple of my favorites pics from Kiev.
Luke is 7 months and always fell asleep on our trips to the market.

Christmas in KY: Family

Luke and Grandpa

Uncle Mark and Haven
Grandpa and Grandma Cutler

Christmas in KY: OUCH!

Luke's face hit the knob on the spedometer.

Luke had a little accident while on a quad with G-pa in the yard. G-pa had to suddenly press on the brake and Luke's face went forward which resulted in two gashes. One above the lip had a chunk of skin missing.

Christmas in KY: Christmas Day

Christmas in KY: Lost in the Woods

Our ATV ride started out great. Once we made it to the Lake Matt decided to ride down the creek, well we ended up on the wrong one and spent the next hour trying to find the trail.
All in all we had a fun ride as a family.

Christmas in KY: Cousins

Christmas in KY: Canoeing, fishing, horse-back riding

Christmas in KY: Cutler Boys and Hot Rods

Christmas in KY: ATV Fun

Luke and uncle Mark

Luke and G-pa