12 fun years!!!

Matt and I celebrated our 12th anniversary on July 26th and it just doesn't seem like 12 years have gone by.

Of course there are ups and downs in any relationship, but with Christ as the center we have always worked through difficult times; from disagreements to job loss. The Lord has definitely blessed our marriage and our family and I never want to take those things or moments for granted.

Here are a several pics of our anniversary evening in Seal Beach. We had dinner and walked and talked. In a few weeks we're going to San Diego for several days, just the two of us, for a late anniversary trip.


Shayla said...

CONGARATULATIONS :D Yall look so happy and great in those pics :D

and I LOVE your picture blog header- I think it captures your family perfectly!!!

Thank you for checking in on me, and commenting on my blogs :D

Kelly's Ideas said...

Very nice. You two are beautiful!
Love ya