I survived!

What a week! VBS went very well and I was so blessed to have wonderful people helping.
Roxanne and Gaby put together treats for all the leaders with sweet notes attached just blessing us with their thoughtfulness.
Katelynn for designing our set.
Karissa and Arin for leading the kids on our finale.
Marcee and Naomi for leading the kids to worship.

I was really nervous taking this on, but the Lord brought great friends to help me along the way.

Thank you everyone for all your help and for giving up your time to minister to the 110 kids that came into our gym everyday.

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Shayla said...

What an AWESOME TURN OUT!!!! our church is basically inside of a neighborhood so we had almost 50 kids, which is very good for us we've had years where we were in the teens :(

they should totally make "I survived running VBS" t-shirts!!!

great pics :)