Catching up

Ran a 10k with my friend and our babies.
Sea World
Happy 16 years together
Flag Football. running back
I know it's been a while, so far we've had a summer trip to Disneyland, the first day of school, football season, our anniversary, Halloween and Luke's birthday, and a bunch of other little happenings in between.  Life is busy!

Luke had a great flag football season and had at least two touchdowns per game.  He seems more focused this year in 6th grade and has A's and B's.  He just might earn himself an NBA game. 

Z  is 19 months old has been walking for 2 1/2 months now and of course doesn't like the stroller as much.   She talks so much too!  She has quite the vocabulary.  She know most of the animals, throws he diaper away for me as she says the word "trash".  The words she puts together is "I see you", 'brush teeth"  "go outside" and "bye. bye....."  Oh, and she is obsessed with Minnie Mouse.

Matt and I celebrated our 16th anniversary this past July and we got to go away overnight while my mom watched the kids.

Tonight is our annual holiday trip to Disneyland with our best friends and I hope to post photos sooner rather than later ;)

Here are a few photos of our last four months.

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