Labor Day Weekend 2009

We had quite the fun weekend! It all started on Friday when we headed to the beach right after work. We rode our bikes, stayed for a couple hours, then rode to our favorite Mexican eatery, Fiesta's. As we arrived at Fiesta's Luke heard a hissing sound, it apparently was from my rear tire.

By the time we finished dinner my tire was flat. Matt had to ride home get the Jeep and then put my bike, Luke's tag-a-long and our boogie boards all in the back of my Jeep. Of course we had to put the rear seat down which meant Luke and I had to share the front seat, luckily we live not too far.

We then had to rush through our showers and head out to Ryan Mearig's first high school football game, which we were already late to because of the flat tire.

On Saturday we enjoyed a long day at the beach. On Sunday, right after church, we headed back to the beach.

On Monday, again back to the beach. Luke literally would spend an hour straight on the boogie board.

We are so fortunate to live close to the ocean. I don't think I could ever tire watching the waves and sitting on the sand and just the smell alone is so calming to me. What an Awesome God we serve and I love viewing His creation.

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