San Diegoversary

Matt and I had a late anniversary celebration at the Hard Rock in San Diego's Gaslamp District.
We really enjoy spending time there and just walking around and enjoying our time away from home. We did miss the little guy though, he was being well taken care at the Mearigs.

Matt booked us a suite and this room had two flat screen TV's, waterfall showerhead and a nice view of downtown. He also surprised me with a massage. Both of us had a one hour massage at their Rock Spa.

On our way home we stopped at Old Town San Diego, then ate lunch at Sombrero's (famous from Blink 182.) The food...not that great.
We picked Luke up, got home, unpacked, then on our bikes to ride to downtown HB for dinner at Rubys. We had a great weekend, not a bad way to end my summer break.

Beware...there are five other San Diegoversary posts, because I'm a dork and just figured out how to add more than five pictures to a post. Whenever I clicked on add image only five spots open up, so I apologize for six posts on San Diego...I didn't want to start over.

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Kelly's Ideas said...

I am glad you had a great time - God bless you on your anniversary.
Love to you,