Luke's Surgery 2009

Luke had surgery today at Long Beach Memorial. His ENT that we've been seeing for three years is also his surgeon. She put Luke's first set of ear tubes in two years ago. She is a phenominal doctor and surgeon and took such good care of Luke.
Luke sinus issues have not been resolved and whatever nose spray or new allergy med that came out we tried and tried. So surgery was our last resort.

He underwent some kind of sinus surgery where they removed tissue from his nose and also numerous polyps were found and all were removed. So we're praying that this will allow him to breathe through his nose now. Luke's old ear tubes were still in, so the old ones were removed and new ones put in.

He is doing remarkably well. Two years ago he woke up crying and really restless so I was in the recovery room with him for several hours. This time he woke up peacefully and didn't cry at all and kept his water and popsicles down this time around.

Here are a couple pics of before and after the surgery.

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Kelly's Ideas said...

I was praying for Luke and I am thankful he is doing good and mom and dad too!