From kindergarten to 8th grade

It all started eight years ago when this cute, little, four year old girl named Arin walked into my room ready to conquer kindergarten. At least that's what I thought... Arin was quite the spunky character in her home, but once she was in my classroom she was so quiet and reserved. I was not expecting that at all, she did in fact conquer K, she was such a delight and joy to teach in K that I decided to stick around so I can have her in my eighth grade yearbook class.

Eighth grade is last grade here at Shoreline and Arin's last year here. It's been such a joy to watch this little girl grow up, and I have been so blessed to have been part of her life.

The first pic is the first day of K and then the first day of 8th.


katelynn said...

so cute! i noticed the time stamp... is this what you during kindergarten computer? jk

Zaida said...

No, I actaully didn't have a class till 9:15 that morning.