Family photos

Several months ago I decided that we needed to update our family portrait, so upon seeing the beautiful work of Hannah and Katelynn's photography I asked if they could take some family pics. They agreed and so today we all went to Newport Beach for the pics. Hannah and Katelynn did a phenomenal job, especially at trying to capture cute moments with a little boy who wanted to only play in the sand. There are a few pics of Luke not wanting to cooperate, but who can blame him, when all we ever really do at the beach is play in the sand and water... Not to take pictures.


katelynn said...

zaida, your blogging addition has become apparent now that you post at 11 pm on sunday nights... not this is necessarily a bad thing :) i had a lot of fun on sunday night and you are right... your beauty has increased with your age.

Zaida said...

I tried to get rid of the times I blog. I like to get things done before bed. What is it with you and the times I blog. First, I blogged during school hours and now at 11 p.m. :)
Anyway, thanks again for taking our pics. You did a great job!!

Jessica Maher said...

I love the pictures...they are awesome!!!