Four More Days

Well, Becky and I leave for east Africa in four days. I guess I should start packing so I won't wear what I will take. We will be taking a "few" things that we will need for our VBS group and for some goodie bags for the M's there, stuff they cannot buy in east Africa.

This pic is what I'll be taking in my luggage, now double it, and Becky has the other half.


katelynn said...

oh man, i'm so excited that you are going. it will be such an amazing trip for the both of you. how was sunday school?

Zaida said...

SS went fine. Beals, Bre and Lizzy were there. Hopefully I'll be able to find an internet cafe of some sort and post a little here and there while in TZ. I'm not taking my laptop.
Have an awesome day.