Lil' Z 4-15-12

       6 lbs. 11 oz. 19"

                   Good 'Ol  post delivery In N Out!

She's finally here!  Well, my water broke a little after 5 am Sunday the 15th.  I was in bed and it was such a funny feeling, and I continued to leak for several hours afterwards.  With Luke, my mid wife broke my water so this was a whole new experience for me.  We arrived at the hospital about 30 minutes after my water broke and we just waited and waited.  The nurse wanted to test my water to see if my water REALLY did break and so they had me put on a "diaper" and walk around for an hour.  So we did and I kept leaking and so after the hour they were able to confirm that my water broke...HAHA!!!  Well, my contractions just got stronger and stronger and I was very ready for my epidural!  Overall it was pretty uneventful, just trying to rest and hanging out with Marcee, April and Alex who came to visit.

Next thing I know I'm fully dilated and ready to see our baby girl!  The nurse said that only pushed for 3 minutes and then she was out.  She was born at 4:46 pm less that 10 hours after I arrived at the hospital.  She was crying before her feet came out, so Z got a very good Apgar score of 9.9.  She is absolutely perfect with a full head of hair.

Thank you Lord for this long awaited miracle!

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