Still in Shock!

Two months

After eight years waiting on the Lord, not always patiently, I am finally PREGNANT!
Saturday, August 20th I took a test and I was standing there shacking when I FINALLY saw two lines. I still didn't believe it so I took another one and another one the following morning. I just couldn't believe it, after all these years! I look forward to seeing how God will continue to show off in our lives, for He chose this particular season in our life to have this baby.
We feel so humbled at the fact that we have had so many people pray for us regarding having a baby. When we made my pregnancy public we had quite a few people just start crying over the happy news and hearing then tell us that they have been praying.
What's funny is that I had been waiting to start my cycle so we can start the artificial insemination process, and we didn't have to! WOW! Still in awe over all this!

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