Lake Arrowhead 1/22-1/24 2010

Snowing on our way up.

Had to shovel the driveway to let Katelynn's car in.

Matt, Luke and I had a blast in Lake Arrowhead this past weekend. We went with the young adult group we teach on Sunday mornings and this is something we want to do with them every year. Arrowhead got 3-4 feet of snow the night before we arrived, so it was absolutely gorgeous there.


Jessica Ronhaar said...

It looks like you guys had such a great time. I'm so excited that the young adult group has you guys. You guys are awesome blessings. Love you.

Kelly L said...

This looks like so much fun - except for the digging out the driveway part... next time we go up - we're calling ahead to have someone do it for

Love you friend.

Shayla said...

wow I bet that was amazing for yall!

i am NOT a snow person so I wouldve been miserable lol!!!