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This is to my one to three blog followers,

I forgot the usb cord to upload pics of our vacation, so when we return home on Saturday I will probably spend most of Sunday posting all the fun stuff we did.  Even the sad thing that happened to my little boy today.   Luke had his first somewhat serious injury today.  He has one gash on his lip and one above his lip with a little chunk of skin missing.  I wanted to take him to the ER because I thought it needed stitches, everyone else thought it didn't.  G-pa and Luke were just casually riding on the quad in their yard, Luke in front and their was this little ditch.  Well...the quad hit the ditch, Luke's face went forward and his face hit the spedometer hard.  I'm in the house and I hear crying and Matt's carrying Luke in and all I see is a hankie full of blood.  We clean him up and I see a cut a little deeper than I'm used to seeing and wanted to take him to ER right away.  I got a little queesy and lightheaded, I could never be a nurse...but we put some vit. E on it and now, 8 hours later the swelling has gone down and his cuts  now have beautiful scabs.  Don't worry I will post pics on this too.  At first Luke didn't want me to take a picture, but hey I need to document every thing that happens right?!?  

A few days ago we all rode on the quads for hours and on much more rugged terrain and no injuries, a simple ride in the yard for 10 minutes and this happens.   It's true, most accidents happen close to home.  

God is good and it could have been much worse.  

So stay tuned, tons of pics coming up.  Happy New Year friends!

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