San Diego: part 2

Matt and I spent the weekend in San Diego's Gasplamp District. We had a blast walking up and down each lively block. We had a great dinner and just enjoyed being with each other. The hotel we stayed at was built in the 1800's and was Victorian style, and our bay window was the original window (so the little plaque said). We had a corner room with a balcony that overlooked the busy street.

On Sunday we visited the U.S.S Midway that is docked there in San Diego. The Midway is an aircraft carrier that once was part of the Gulf War. All I can say is amazing. It's literally a city.

Several cafeterias, barber shop, post office, laundry room and even a sick bay that has an operating room.
This carrier housed up to 4,500 men so it needed everything. We had an audio tour, so we really got to know the things that happened in a lot of the areas of the carrier.

What I really enjoyed were the dining areas for the officers, the captain and admiral's quarters, which included their own kitchen and dining area each with their own chef. They had mannequins throughout the carrier to recreate scenes, so in some of my pictures they almost look real. I had no idea how big a carrier really is, and I'm so glad Jodie told me about it and even game me an extra ticket left over from her trip there. Thanks Jodie.

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katelynn said...

very cool, i'm gald you guys had a good weekend. i saw the picture of the bunk-beds on the ship and thought that was where you were staying... not good.

i going to be home next tuesday for doctor's appts. we should do lunch if you don;t already have plans. good luck on thursday, my grandma is looking forward to it.